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“Having avoided a dental visit for over 25years… after only one session, I felt confident and positive, using all the strategies that Sandra had taught me, I emerged unscathed and proud of myself. These strategies have become part of my life as something to use in times of stress”. 

“Sandra really helped my daughter with food issues. She created a relaxed and safe place to talk and consider different ideas”   


Daughter with confidence

and food issues

“I saw Sandra with the aim to create a positive separation between my new pregnancy and my previous one, which tragically ended when my baby was stillborn. Sandra supported me to find a way these two pregnancies were separate but beautifully connected. We worked on creating a calm state of mind and having a safe place during labour.”      


Dental phobia

“Only after working with Sandra things made more sense and came together. I will always be hugely grateful to Sandra. She helped me find me again. 

“My wife and I experienced a lot of trauma trying to conceive our first baby, with two miscarriages, followed by a stillborn baby. Sandra hugely helped us to think positively and relax during our recent pregnancy and delivery. We cannot thank her enough”   


Trauma from a 

stillborn birth 

and acceptance of

 the new pregnancy


past physical trauma

“Sandra made sure I 

understood that I was 

completely in control. Her attitude was lovely and calming and she provided a safe space to deal with feeling unwell. She gave me coping mechanisms to stop the feeling of panic and nausea. She helped me hugely and I am now in control.”


15-year-old with vomiting and 

exam phobia


Trauma of a stillborn birth and miscarriage

“After falling off my bike, my anxiety was increasing. Sandra, in one session, put the accident into perspective and gave me coping mechanisms to get riding and competing again”. 


accident anxiety

“Sandra, in one session was very empathic and non-judgemental, putting us both at our ease… her professionalism and trustworthy nature meant I had no worries and after several sessions my daughter began to feel she was making real progress. It has been over a year ago now but my daughter still uses the techniques whenever the 

phobia tries to take hold”   


mother of 15-year-

old with phobia

“I was sceptical at first, but on the day of the operation I felt unusually calm. I would definitely recommend Hypnotherapy to anyone.” 

“My ex-husband died and I needed 

help to cope with the fallout, my children were also struggling, we had so much to deal with – financial, emotional, legal battles and I was overwhelmed by the responsibility and pain. Sandra and I worked with various tools and I was able to release negative emotions, reach a level of acceptance, focus on goals and follow my path with confidence. I always felt safe and heard. I reflect back with gratitude. “ 


grief and being 



Fear of operation

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